not all of us are stars
or cliche metaphors
hog-tied into packages
we give to our loved ones:
here, charcuterie.

some of us
are galaxies of suffering.
some of us
traipse among strangers
with all the inhibition
of baby boys
letting loose their bladders
as they’re being changed.

some of us
force others to acknowledge
our awkwardness, our inability
to put the right masks on
for the right ball. was it
a masked ball
or a halloween party?

not all of us
wake up thrilled to do the things
all of us do. their inability,
their inactivity, their lack of
optimism towards the necessary…
makes them fascinating.

most of us
grin and bear it,
yes that is also a cliche,
but not all of us bear it
with humility
with the knowledge
of the specks of colour
in other people’s eyes
as their hands touch
near the coffeepot.

amber. rosegold.
open. not all of us are.

Photo credit: Peter McConnochie on Flickr


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